5 Thoughts: Are the Twins more than just 'unlucky'?

We use stats to tell the story, and GM Thad Levine weighs in on the bad run of luck and the bad run of play for the Twins

How long are you content to lose series in a One Series at a Time kind of world? Since last week’s column, the Twins lost 3 of 4 to Texas, then split a pair with Detroit before Sunday’s game was washed out and rescheduled for July.

As you may know, I don’t check or discuss with any sincerity the standings until Check the Standings Day, which happens to be June 1. Even so, I don’t know if we’ll like what we see when we do open the standings page for the first time on that day.

This column presents 5 Thoughts on the unlucky 2021 Twins.

1 – Thad Levine speaks

When the GM speaks in an interview setting, he or she speaks for the club. And so on the occasion of hearing from GM Thad Levine over the weekend, I wanted to relay how the Twins currently view their lot in life, roughly 6 weeks into the season.

The Twins are 12-20 but their run differential (minus-2) suggests a better team than that. And that’s why their Pythagorean Win-Loss Record is 16-16, according to Baseball-Reference. But to …

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