New hitting coach; 'Are you Josh Donaldson?' [Twins Hyperlinks]

Hey folks,

Atlanta is in winning position but the Astros are taking the World Series back to Houston. Thankfully, there will be more baseball. And thankfully, we get a day to catch our collective breath!

This isn’t a post for World Series analysis, since that doesn’t really concern the Twins this year. We could do a retrospective on Eddie Rosario if you guys would like -- let me know. The short take is that I think it’s been an amazing run to watch — especially that tremendous catch in Game 4 — but I’m not sure you would expect the Twins to have made a different decision at this time last year.

One reader wrote me to say that Rosario is going to get a “fat contract” this winter and, again in short, I don’t really think so. Thirty teams passed on the chance to sign him relatively inexpensively last winter, and then Cleveland basically salary-dumped him at the trade deadline -- to Atlanta, where he’s now become a postseason hero. As the old saying goes: Sometimes, that’s baseball. 

One bit…

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