5 Thoughts: What's the plan at shortstop for the Twins? [Members]

Good day, readers. I want to write a bit today about some of the most pressing questions we’re thinking about these days, as we enjoy one more warm day before the Fall chill sticks for good. The first, on the mound, we’ve addressed as squarely as we can by writing the Top-25 Starting Pitchers That Are Free Agents. The Twins are free to choose which of their own pitchers they’d like to count on, and then refer to our list as a shopping list, if they like. We’re generous around here! They can also make trades, but the point is that we all agree that it needs to be addressed. 

The second, the question of Byron Buxton’s future, that’s a bit of an elephant in the room. Let’s call it out, and save it for another day. Looking at my October publishing calendar, I have two columns centered entirely on the centerfielder, and the headline of a third that I think very well could drift into only talking about Buxton. 

Right. So, the third, let’s get into that today. What will the Twins do at shortst…

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