New podcast: [5 Thoughts] The Twins are in good shape, optimism reigns

Sharing my newest venture -- Special thank-you to the supporting members who are making this possible!

This is a podcast about the Minnesota Twins and Major League Baseball. I hope you enjoy.

5 Thoughts: The Twins are in good shape, optimism reigns

I’m starting a new podcast and I’m telling you it would not be possible without member support. So to those of you who have jumped on board as paying members of the club - thank you!

Topics for episode 1:

*Mitch Garver busting out of a slump and Alex Avila as a solid backup plan.
*The rapidly approaching MLB Trade Deadline – how will it be different this season?
*Twins quarter pole (!) checkpoints; A cakewalk to the postseason?
*10-month-old Rich Hill takes.
*Plus, prospects and Michael Pineda.

Guest: Matt Burke

Show link: 5 Thoughts podcast
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