Nov 11, 2021 • 16M

5 free agents picked for the Twins by MLB Trade Rumors [Narrated Column]

Hint: They're all pitchers.

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Derek Wetmore
Insight, news, analysis and opinion about the Minnesota Twins and Major League Baseball.
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Hi folks, 

With the GM meetings in full swing out in California, there’s no shortage of news nuggets and little tidbits trickling out about free agency decisions, organizational movement, and, of course, the New York Mets. 

As a writer, I’m torn between turning every single bit into a thought for a column or podcast -- just keep that conveyor belt moving, baby! -- and rationing it all for the colder months in Minnesota where we know that this type of precious drip will seem like a wonderful memory if (or once) the owners lock out the players in a few weeks. So as usual I’m not exactly sure what the future holds but I’ve started to read more of the in-depth thoughts from smart people about the state of the labor negotiations in baseball. I’m hopeful, but I have a vested interested in that optimism, so I’ll invite you to take that for exactly what it’s worth and nothing more. 

Anyway, enough waxing. Let’s get to the goods for today. 

I read with great interest the annual list from MLB Trade Rumors of the Top 50 free agents for the upcoming season. I also linked to the FanGraphs version of the list this week in an earlier column, but what I love about the MLBTR column is that it comes straight out of the Speculation Department. It seeks not only to answer, “Who are the best players available to sign?” but also, “Where do I think they’ll end up?”

Let’s get into that. 

Having already established  in previous columns the Twins’ needs this offseason -- keeping Byron Buxton, starting pitcher, another starting pitcher, maybe a shortstop and maybe an outfielder -- let’s see if Trade Rumors agrees with that set of assumptions. 

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