5 Thoughts: Twins back to .500 in 1-run games, MLB's injury wave, Buxton close to rehab?

I watched Byron Buxton flying around the bases Sunday while at Target Field, and would expect to see him start a rehab assignment soon.

The Twins take their off day Monday ahead of two crucial series with the Yankees and Astros, sitting tied for fourth (or last) place in the division with the Detroit Tigers. That’s a sentence I never though I would be typing in the first week of June 2021. But here we are, and here the Twins are, 12 games off the pace in their division and 9 games back in the AL Wild Card.

Stranger things have happened, although I’m mentally setting the benchmark of chasing down Cleveland, an 8-game gap, with the obvious and required mentality being: One Series At A Time.

This column presents 5 Thoughts on the Minnesota Twins with one-third of the 2021 season in the books.

1) MLB’s Injury Wave

I got a first-hand glimpse of an underlying problem Sunday while working my radio job, with a view of a mostly empty Target Field during a Twins road trip. On a hot day in Minneapolis – with the bulk of the team in Kansas City – there was Byron Buxton, getting his running work in, flying around the bases after som…

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