5 Thoughts: Byron Buxton is putting on a show

Buxton leads the Majors in slugging percentage and is a force at the plate in the middle of the Twins' lineup

The Twins lost their first game in 9 innings Sunday, after starting the season 5-0 in baseball games and 0-3 in contests decided on penalty kicks.

I must admit the temptation to write about a brutal collapse in an eventual 8-6 loss from a game that they tagged the starting pitcher in the first inning only to muster 1 run there, then later led 6-0 and should have cruised to an easy series victory. Sunday was, as they say in the business, a bad loss. And yet, I sneak that all in as a preamble to the column because the more I thought about it the less interested I was in making that the focus of the column, since I think that it would force me to make hasty calls, over-generalize, and open myself to more quick-turn errors in judgment about what this team is and where the Twins are headed.

There are mistakes that need to be cleaned up and hitters that need to get things going, but for the most part I look at a team with some great talent and Josh Donaldson coming back soon here, and I t…

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