5 Thoughts: Know this Buxton stat and Duffey tweak entering final week for Twins

Just 6 games left to play for the Twins in 2021. I can't decide if it went by quickly.

For those watching the scoreboard hoping that the Twins can claw their way out of 5th place in the division, they open this week 2 games back of the Royals and they’ll wrap their season this weekend with 3 games in K.C. I personally don’t pay much mind to that and that’s why this analysis will take a slightly different tone. 

With one week left to play and only 6 games remaining on the regular-season schedule, there’s only a morsel of in-season evaluation left to do for the Twins. There’s precious little that could happen that might change our perspective on the way this season played out. Just to vaporize any lingering suspense: it has not been a very good season. 

So pretty soon we’ll be in offseason evaluation mode -- the mode of looking ahead to 2022. I just planned out my October publications schedule and let me just say that I’m excited to get into some of the informed speculation that I hope will carry the winter with this column. 

That’s for another day, though.

This column prese…

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