5 Thoughts: Kyle Garlick's blast; Miguel Sanó stats updated; and a new stat I'd like to see in baseball

The biggest home run from an unlikely place; updating Sanó stats, and a pitching swap for the Minnesota Twins.

The Twins pulled three important tricks with one fine performance Sunday: 1) They won their first game in extra innings with an 8-5 in Cleveland; 2) They proved to the world that James Karinchak is human; and 3) having lost 10 of their previous 11 series entering play Sunday (with one rainy day rescheduled with Detroit in July leaving the results pending), they won a series. 

One series at a time, I always say. 

A big thank-you to all of you who have supported this venture! This column presents 5 Thoughts on the Twins, just as they’re beginning their better stretch of baseball.

1 - Kyle Garlick with the new biggest hit of the season.

Let’s start right there, with the hit that produced the series win. Oh sure, there were moments before and after that one that will deserve attention in their own time. This one needs to be circled, though, because I believe that Garlick’s 3-run home run in extra innings Sunday is the biggest hit of the season for the Twins to date. 

Earlier that morning, the…

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